Body massage with the wrath in the knife

Many body massages to keep the body healthy and cheerful. This body massage has many different forms.

For example, you can massage the body of a zoo in Philippine, the oyster in the body! Or you can dedicate yourself to the baby elephant under the feet. In the western part of Japan, there is a chance of bathing with noodles. If you want a more diversified massage, then you can go to Taiwan. Massage therapists sitting there waiting for you knife!

Just took it. The knife massage! You will be lying or lying down. The thick cloth covers from neck to feet. A therapist will be giving small wrath like a Butcher with a knife on it. There is nothing to fear. The head of the knife is not sharp. This massage in Taiwan named ‘Da Liao’ – a knife massage in Bengal. The main part of this massage is very spiritual. Massage therapists claim that the negative energy will be removed from the body by running a knife. And the positive force will enter the knife!

The spiritual aspect of the knife massage explains: Siao Mei Fong, owner of the famous Art of Knife Therapy Education Center, Taipei, ‘We are not preaching any religion. This is not a science either. We practice only with the power of the body, from which man can benefit from his own heart. “According to him, ‘Dao Liao’ is a little afraid to give body to his body under the knife. But this massage triggers energy in the person’s body and brings the balance of mind.

Sia Mei Fong, who is suffering from arterial problems and insomnia, has given medical treatment for the knife massage. For this massage, you will have to count approximately 1 thousand 200 Taiwanese dollars (about 40 dollars). People from Taipei’s one-year-old child to 100-year-old old man, to taste the knife massage, gathered at the center of Siaowe.

You may think, this massage may be the product of the chilling thought of the modern world. Wrong The knife massage is nothing new About two thousand years ago, it was part of Taiwanese culture. Nanhua University, a study in the University said that during the reign of Han and Tang dynasty in China Buddhist monks used to knead the knife as the last treatment of the patient. This knife massage system was used if not used in conventional treatment. In China, the knife massage is not so much, but it still remains in Taiwan.