internet abuse

Keep an eye on the child’s internet abuse

It is very important to keep an eye on our children in running the Internet. They can use the Internet, but only at a mature age, especially when they start reading at high schools, colleges and universities and can only use them for their studies, research and knowledge. Regardless of the fact that our children do not misuse the Internet, it is very important to be careful. The best option is not to give them the opportunity to access the Internet at an unforeseen age.
Studies show that children who use long internet or smart phones, their self-esteem goes down to a very low level. Besides, their creativity decreases and behavioral problems arise. The social development is being interrupted.
It is very important for us to monitor our children every day, talk to them everyday and ask what work they are doing today.
When we return home from house to house every day, then I can say hello to all, children and families, and ask who worked today. Whether there was any interesting thing.
One day a week can make family meetings and T-Party, discuss what will be done last week and plan to do next week – we can immediately provide the necessary advice. Benefit will be (1) Updated to everyone on the matter of the family (2) To deepen the relationship of the children with the parents (3) and especially if there is a distance between the family members.
It is very important that time-to-time counseling for children, their education and their future advice, and take immediate steps to resolve the situation without having to do any important thing. Parents, teachers, senior parents or councilors can also get help and advice from the need if needed. If there is a special problem that needs to be solved and parents can not fix it.
 I hope all parents will appreciate the importance of monitoring and counseling their children and take necessary steps.