CNG Driver strike

Our Demand has Fallen-CNG Drivers with Penance Calling For Eight-Point Demand.

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There was a time when passengers was like a scapegoat of CNG drivers. Going from Gulistan to Shyamoli meter goes 180-200 taka And I paid 400 rupees a few days ago !!! But after the arrival of Ride-sharing services like Uber and Pathao things are getting changed. The drivers of CNG auto-rickshaw told us that their demand is declining fast because of services like Uber and Pathao as the latter offers far better services to both the drivers and passengers.

As a result, A section of the CNG auto-rickshaw transport workers will go on strike on December 27 in Dhaka city to realize their eight-point demand.

The eight-point demands by the CNG auto-rickshaw drivers include:

  • Replacement of outdated vehicles with the new ones in Dhaka and Chittagong.
  • Distribution of 5,000 new auto-rickshaws among the drivers in Dhaka and 4,000 among the drivers in Chittagong.
  • A ban on app-based ride-sharing services like Uber and Pathao.
  • Revocation of sections from the draft labour law that go against workers’ interests.
  • The stopping of practical tests during driving license renewal.
  • The stopping of cases for unauthorised parking.
  • The stopping of harassment of drivers by police.
  • The allowing of registered auto-rickshaw drivers to drive anywhere in Dhaka.

But, when we talked to the commuters they are simply against the strike of CNG auto-rickshaw drivers.

A passenger Md. Mostafizur rahman said-“CNG driven auto rikshaw must be ban for ever. We do not need this kind of butcher. They have not a single humanity. This is their natural punishment. We support their strike & this strike should go for sin die. Not minimum sympathy we have for these robber of the street. May Allah helps the city dwellers.”

Another commuter said-“I am thankful to Bd govt to allow uber and pathao on the road.”

AJ Chandra expressed his experience on this matter this way-“Bakshibazar to saydabad through the Flyover (20tk Flyover charge), a 10-minute distance. Do you know how much they (CNG driver) demand? it is 250. They even doesn’t show any interest, if you offer less than 250TK. Where are we living? CNG drivers are the silent killers.”

Previously, anti-Uber movements had been carried out by taxi drivers in many cities across the world, including London, Paris, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Warsaw and Brussels.