BDR Carnage

BDR Carnage Case, HC Verdict Today

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BDR Carnage Case one of the most violent incident that happened in Bangladesh after Independent.

The High Court (HC) is said to give its decision on Sunday on the death references and appeals of 152 people convicted of killing army members and officers during 2009 Pilkhana BDR Carnage Case, reports UNB.

The death reference and appeals will get number one priority of High Court’s cause list for Sunday.

The court will also issue its decision on the appeal to extend the time of imprisonment for those who were sentenced different time periods in jail.

High Court bench of two members by justice Md Nazrul Islam Talukder and justice Md Abu Zafor Siddique will give the judgment.

Earlier on 3 April, a three-member special HC bench, led by justice Shawkat Hossain, kept the verdict as Curia Advisari Vult (CAV) after concluding the hearing on the appeals and the death reference.

On 5th November, 2013 a court of Dhaka gave death sentence to 152 soldiers of the erstwhile Bangladesh Rifles and two other civilians. About 161 others were given life imprisonment for their involvement in the BDR mutiny.

The death sentence that was issued by the judges of the trial court is forwarded to High Court for their approval on the death references.

A total of 257 appeals were filed with the High Court against the lower court verdict.

in the BDR mutiny that took place on 25-26 February in 2009 at the Pilkhana headquarters in Dhaka seventy-four, people were killed, including 57 army officials.

The paramilitary force was later renamed Border Guard Bangladesh.

Attorney General Alam said, “Some of the accused should have been sentenced to death, but they were not awarded”-When the High Court put the case up for the verdict on Apr 13.