An aircraft crashed with 66 people on board in Iran's central mountainous region.

Passenger Aircraft Crashed In Iran’s Mountainous Region

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An aircraft crashed with 66 people on board in Iran’s central mountainous region.

The plane crashed on the Zagros Mountain when it was in the sky between the capital Tehran and the southwestern city of Yasuz, the BBC said.

The area is located near the city of Semarum in Ispahan province, news media said.

Speaking to Iran’s State Television, the spokesman said that all the passengers were killed.

A spokesman for the Iranian emergency department said, “All the emergency forces are kept in a caution. The aircraft contained 50 to 60 passengers. “

An emergency department helicopter could not go on the spot due to bad weather, it has been revealed.

The crashed plane is believed to be ART 72-500 operated by Aseyman Airlines.

According to the published reports, the plane had 66 passengers, 60 of them are passengers, two security guards, two air hostesses and one pile and one co-pilot.