Sanka Jaagir village

The Village With No Birth For 400 Years!

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There is a village in the world, where mothers are not allowed to have children. For the last 400 years, no child was born in that village.

When the child is in childbirth, the village women are sent to the nearby village. Even the villagers have built a house on the border of the village for delivery.

This rule is coming from the sixteenth century in the village of ‘Sanka Shyam Ji’ in Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh state of India.

The villagers also gave a strange argument to this rule. It is the fear of God’s curse or the ban of children.

It is known that in the last 400 years no woman has given birth to their child. The child of the woman who has childbirth may have died or died. That is why, even today, the conviction of villagers is that the child will suffer the loss of the child.

The elderly residents of the village demanded that God had cursed this village at any one time in the sixteenth century. At that time the gods were building a temple in this village. At that time a woman from the village was working as a villain. Devotees have stopped interrupting the construction of temples in wheat vans. After this the gods became angry and cursed that no child would be born in that village.

From the conventional story today, villagers have come to realize that the child will be harmed when the child is born. In the event of disruption of some of the earlier cases, in the event of the birth of a child and the death of several children, the idea has been further strengthened among the villagers.

Chief of the village Narender Gurjar said that 90 percent of women in this village are born in the hospital. However, if there is a state of emergency, it is given out of the village and given birth.