Croatia for the first time in the World Cup final

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Croatia topped in dream final After a long wait, the dreamers of the World Cup soccer finishes in the final, the Croats The best stage of the World Cup has got place. Russia will face Croatia and France in the final of this losnica field in Russia. Deborah Suker’s team Croatia got a place in the final of the second semi-final on Wednesday night, losing England 2-1 in extra time.

Ending 1-1 at the scheduled time. In the second half of the 30-minute extra time, Mario Manjukik or Pahel Goal scored Croatia in the final. The England Football team gave away.

There were very few croats in the field of logoniy. They were the biggest strength of the party. Even after gauging the goal, they were beside the Rakitik, the Moderators. Waiting will be something good. The Messi has invited their fans to come to the final. Come again, we will play in the final.

After being champion in 66 World Cup football, England could not even go to the finals. After 66, got the chance to go to the final again. Had to cut the half century but repeatedly had to return to England with the World Cup. The English thought that God might have looked back towards them.

>New generation of Englishmen will see Wayne Rooney, Hunterson, Stirling, Harry Kinnear, to fight Beckham’s failure, to take part in the final. New sunshine lights are seen in the English football sky.Everything is mixed with dust. The English did not come in the final of the dream.

England could not keep it at the start. England has had to digest the goals of the Croatian football.Turkish referee Kuneet Kakir finished the 90-minute game. Asked to play 30 minutes. England might have understood that in 30 minutes, it would have forced Croatia to accept the rate of the English audience. Gary Lynker, Terriburcher, Bobby Charlton, face football once more. New generation footballers have fulfilled the dream of the Croatian former player footballer, the current football player of the World Football Federation, Debor Suker.

The English viewers who scored at the start of the game did much more than being champions in what was done at the Lujunici field. English viewers became so insatiable. The beer pours beer across the gallery. Bears with a hand in hand With a sip, the sky is hit. After the Kieran Tripar’s (1-0) win in the 6th minute of the game, their tensions were rolling.

The other side of the English was pushing the other people. And they were going to say it again and again. The final at Lužnica’s field. The English said that we’re favorites. We Are Again World Cup Winner English supporters have repeatedly quarreled with Croatian supporters Poor croats became like wet cats. Looked at the side of the field without eyes. But the goal is not to accept the digestive croats.

English Defenders Kyle Walker, John Stone, Harry Miguel knew how to stop the Croatian ball supplements. In the first half, the English were successful but in the 68th minute, the Croatians just gave fake leaks to England. Incredible goal was made in Italian football Ivan Perriski. Before defying the English defender Kelly Waucker, Ivan Perris scored a goal on the head and scored 1-1.At the time of gravl. In the last 30 minutes, the fight ended in a few minutes. In the 108th minute, Mario Manzoucchich scored the goal in the final to Croatia 2-1.

So much excitement was not seen in the first semifinal, in the battle of France and Belgium in the first semifinal of St. Petersburg. The football semiconductors saw more tension in the second semifinal. Croatia plays great football with tension tension. 98 France World Cup football semifinal game Croatia reached the final of the World Cup football and made a new history in football. The English supporters beat the beer and lost their mouth and went to the field of Luzonica. All the stadiums in the stadium stand to honor the Croatian. The Croatian captain Luca Modrico invited to see the final.

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