The season of the fake notes coming

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In front of the Eid-ul-Azha, the counterfeit currency companies became active every year. Especially in the urban areas of the city, there is more to spread the money. Besides, other shopping for Eid is also desperate to spread fake money. So more than the other times of the year, the law and order and general people are more aware of the fake currency notes. However, they are not subject to punishment even if they are sued. These cases are pending for years. Criminals get out of the law and go out.

According to a Bangladesh Bank data, 606 cases of fake notes were pending. Of these, 85 cases have been filed in six months (January-June) in this year. And 22 disposables were settled. In January 2016, there were 6,195 cases related to Jalnot. There were 344 new cases filed in that year. The settlement was only 106. The number of cases disposed of by the end of December stood at 6,433. The next year, there were 287 new cases. But the disposal was only 117. As a result, the total number of cases stood at 6,543.

In order to protect the common people from the suffering of Jalnaot, Bangladesh Bank took several initiatives including the supply of counterfeit banknote identification machine before the sacrifice. To counter the Jalanot, the commercial banks of the country also offer various suggestions, including the posting of real-time note-taking advertisements and promotion of advertisement on TV channels, video showing in important places, testing of ATM machines before entering the money. Besides, law enforcement agencies also hold joint meetings to increase the involvement of such crimes.

Bangladesh Bank spokesman and executive director. Sirajul Islam said the use of fake notes increased with the increase in the use of technology. As a result, the common people have to face such harassment. Because of this, Bangladesh Bank took several initiatives to stop the use of counterfeit notes. He said the number of cases of Jalnote has increasingly increased. Because the trial takes a lot of time. There is a new law to strictly suppress the Jalnote deal. If the law is involved, then those who are involved in the business of Jalnot will get bail and will be given strict punishment.

Officials of the concerned department of Bangladesh Bank said that the accused in most cases get bail easily. Get rid of the final verdict. This is because the witness is not found in fake money case. From where the fake money was recovered, the guards, rickshaw pullers or floating witnesses were made witnesses. There is also a tendency to use the wrong address. Most of the influential people are behind the notes counterclockwise cycle. The police then made a horror witness in exchange for a bribe or threatened with collusion with the businessmen. The accused could easily get acquitted if these witnesses did not exist. Again, through illegal transactions, the police complained and complained to the charge. According to this charge sheet, the trial began later. It is easy to get rid of the case, fake money is prepared and suppliers. Later they became more desperate.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner Masudur Rahman said, “There are strict surveillance to the members of the fake currency notes. Already the members of the big syndicate of the gang were arrested. Criminals are also given charge sheet in court. The court found the accused to get bail. He said, like every time there will be machines in the cattle market for identifying counterfeit notes.

It is learned that the two cases under the current law of Jalna case are being tried. Most of the accused are getting acquittal in most of the cases. During the trial, the accused are also on bail. In this long time judicial they again work on the spread of the Jalanoot. It turns out, the accused accused in the case pending repeatedly. New laws are being made to remove this weakness of law. The draft law on ‘Jalnote control and prevention law-017’ has been sent to the finance ministry to finalize.

The counterfeit notes are usually the most notorious notes of big notes, especially the one thousand and 500 taka notes. According to a statistical report on fake notes, law enforcing agencies have captured a total of 20,790 fake notes from January to July last year. Among the recovered notes, 15 thousand 780 number of net notes of one thousand taka. Which is 76 percent of the total circulating notes. Those statistics show that at the time of the discussion, 500 taka note has been detected in 3,893. 100 taka note has been caught in 1,118. The fake notes of 50 taka were caught 72