Uber launched the safety toolkit in Bangladesh

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“Safe toolkit” launched from today in Bangladesh, the world’s largest on-demand Ride-sharing company. Through this option, passengers can easily find all the security features of the Uber in a particular location of the app.

Safety Toolkit has been created based on the feedback from passengers. The feature was first introduced in the United States in May this year. This feature has been introduced in Bangladesh within just a few months of launching in the United States.

The new Safety Toolkit created with the help of innovative technology has been designed in such a way that the passengers of Bangladesh can easily use Uber’s Safe features.

This toolkit will also be helpful in increasing awareness about both old and new features. As soon as the driver is taking the trip, the Safe Toolkit option will be switched on the home screen of the app, which can be used until the end of the trip.

In order to launch safety toolkit in Bangladesh, Product Management Director of Uber, Sachin Kansal, said that the security of passengers and drivers in the upazila is given the highest priority. With that goal, we are continuously working with technology to resolve issues related to their safety.

The launch of “Safety Toolkit” for thousands of passengers in Bangladesh is part of our effort. We’ve updated our platform to make everyone more aware of our safety features and to ensure their easy use.

He said one of the features of Safety Toolkit is ‘Trusted Contacts’. This feature allows passengers to automatically tell their family members and close people about all their trips or selected trips.

New Features and Investments-

Safety Center:

#The passengers can see safety tips made with the help of law enforcement personnel and learn about our insurance benefits and community guidelines.

# All other features, including the main security feature, will be available at a specific location, which is very helpful for passengers.

Trusted Contacts:

#The passengers told us that our stock trip feature provides them with a kind of emotional relief. But due to lack of awareness and not being able to easily see, this feature is relatively less used.

# Our new feature will provide a passenger with the option to share the trip regularly with five people close to him.

#Customers can fix trip sharing settings according to their needs. Trip sharing settings include all trip shares, night-trip shares only and options to not share any trips.

# From now on, it will be easier to share the trip with your loved ones and until you reach your destination, know all the people around you and your privacy will be protected while applying these processes.

Emergency Button: Emergency Button gives the passenger the opportunity to call the police control room number 999 directly. As a result, it is easy to get the fastest and fastest access to emergency time and unnecessary needs.

Uber Bangladesh’s first ridesharing company, who added their app helpline number in August of 2017. Which gives passengers an opportunity to call 999 for emergency needs.

This feature will further strengthen the safety features of the Uber app. Also, before commencing the journey, it is always trying to do something new to increase the safety of passenger and drivers even after the journey and the end of the journey.

The new features will further strengthen the safety and security of passengers and drivers in Ridesharing. Providing passengers a safe ride, tracking trips via GPS and connecting with local police with safety app.

Ensuring maximum use of Uber technology to strengthen the security of passengers on each trip and to bring transparency in this.

The company has added new features to their apps, including real-time ID check, emergency button, share status option, for-to-be rating for both the driver and the passenger, which is a part of their efforts to ensure safe travel between them and passengers.

From a promise of new innovation to security, Kopani has announced that it will set up its first Technology Development Center in Sao Paulo, Latin America last week and will only study safety issues.

The development center of Brazil will work on the development of security around the world, based on modern technology.

Uber says about their goals, creating a reliable transport system for everyone, everywhere. How can you get a car for a pressure on the button? We started in 2010 to find solutions to this problem.