50 killed in earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

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At least 30 people have been killed in Indonesia due to tsunami after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. The tsunami that struck strong in the island’s Sulawesi island in the local time on Friday evening. According to a British newspaper media report, the 6/7-foot high waves caused by the tsunami overturned the city of Palu, Sulawesi, on the island.

Several videos of tsunami waves were posted on social media. In those, the tidal surge is seen with huge sea waves. The scared people are crying, some fleeing home leaving the house.

Many homes and mosques have collapsed due to tsunamis, BBC said. Lots of trees have been broken.

The nation’s National Disaster Management Agency spokeswoman, Full Nugroh said, “Many homes have been destroyed due to the tsunami. The bodies are lying here. They’re working to rescue them. ‘ However, he refused to provide specific numbers of deaths.

However, according to a local doctor, the Metro TV in Indonesia said 30 tsunamis were killed and their bodies were taken to the hospital. More than 12 people were injured in the incident. Besides, many of them can not find their families. Nearly six lakh people, including Palu and Dangal, are homeless. Electricity and communication in the whole area are isolated.

Earlier, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit 78 kilometers north of Palu Sulbesi, at 5 pm (local time, 4 minutes, 2 minutes) at local time on Friday. After the tsunami warning issued in the country, residents of coastal areas were asked to move away from a safe distance. More than three and a half million people living there were moved away. Fishermen and fishermen are forbidden to go to the sea. But only an hour later, a tsunami alert was lifted.

The US Geological Survey Agency (USGS) said that an earthquake incident took place around 6 pm before local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was 10 km deep in the earthquake. An incidental tsunami alert was issued in this incident. However, it was lifted in an hour or so.

The BBC quoted an Indonesian minister as saying that the communication system in the region related to earthquake and tsunami has broken. It is being interrupted by the rescue operation. Besides, the runway of Palu Airport was damaged, the minister said.

Pictures and videos were spread over social media in the event of earthquake and tsunami. Several buildings, homes and a mosque were seen lying in a crash in the video.

An AFP photographer in Palatau said that it was still possible to say that the casualties caused by earthquake or tsunami were still not known. His claim could be more than the number of people killed.

The series earthquake occurred in Indonesia’s Lambawk Island last month. In this, more than 460 people died in the earthquake on August 5. The earthquake occurred in 2004 in the worst tsunami incident. At least 282,000 people died in the disaster that occurred in Sumatra. Indonesian citizens, more than 1,20,000 people killed