The reasons for this can be manifold

What I do like about it so far is that it shorter/light (in short configuration). That was a big part of my deciding factor on the Micro 30 and the Obsidian. My first NFA experience (suppressor) was with an older YHM that was well > 1.5 lbs. Trump claims this is the nation’s “all time biggest political scandal” because, he alleges, Justice Department officials and the FBI used a “spy” to try to “frame” him and his campaign, in an effort to boost his opponent Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning the election. This conspiracy theory has so many holes in it that it’s hard to know where to begin. But let’s start with the glaringly obvious: If the aim was to make Trump lose, why wasn’t all the known information about the Trump campaign’s Russia connections leaked before the election, when it might have had some impact?.

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