Children’s birth defects

Children may also be affected by heart disease. When the mother’s mother is born with a different structure or functional problem, it is called congenital heart disease.

But how can you understand the problem in the child’s heart? All children are not tested after birth and are not tested.

Generally these problems can occur in children:

* When babies are being breast-fed, their babies are tired, tired, breathing, and excessive use of the body.

* Frequent cold cough or pneumonia is admitted to hospital

* Sleep is less, due to which the mood is irritable

* Baby does not lead to normal weight

* Heart rate is very fast

* During the birth, very dense blacks or gums can be noticed on their lips or skin

* Although born is born with normal colored hair, between two months to six months, the child’s lip or skin color gradually becomes dark and during breathing, breathing is done simultaneously.

These symptoms can be two or three times in the day as well as increasing. At that moment, he washed his feet and lay down. Though the big ones are sitting on their knees, their relief comes.

* For big children, chest rash, fainting, rabid-these issues should be closely monitored.

It is mainly treated in two ways: without surgery or surgery.

With the right medicine, device or button to stop the holes of the heart, open it with the chalk valve balloon, make holes in the upper chamber of the heart, and replace the temporary or permanent pacemaker.

 In addition, the right surgery at the right time can completely cure the child.

For the child’s birth defects, so take MMR vaccine three months before every pregnant mother is pregnant. Besides, it is important to keep the pregnancy hypertension or diabetes under the mother’s control. Consult the doctor before taking any medicines in pregnancy.

Consultant, Pediatric Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka