9 Physical Symptoms of Mental Illness

The basic idea of ​​most people about mental problems is “it is rare” and “it will be someone else”. Basically the matter is the opposite. If there is a head, such a headache, then there will also be mental problems. According to a study, about 54 million people in America are suffering from various mental problems. In our country as a developing country, the number of mentally ill people is increasing day by day. But the rate at which the mental patient is growing, it is not aware of the rate of awareness. Asking someone to take psychic help, the protest that comes first is, “I’m crazy?” This is an introduction to the ignorance and intolerance of mental illness.

The mental illness does not mean ‘madness’. There are countless mental patients around us who are healthy enough, natural, who will drink tea at a table with you, talk about politics or social system, and you will not be able to get rid of it, its inner fluctuation. At a special moment suddenly their sick soul came out. Many people who have suffered illness often play a special role in destroying mutual personal and social relationships. They cannot be blamed.

Scientists classify more than 200 different mental illnesses. The main causes behind various mental disorders are situational stress, genetic factors, imbalance of organic chemicals, or all of them. Some of the most common and known mental problems include anxiety, depression, dementia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia etc. Changes or variants of mood, personality, habit, and social use as signs of these To deal with any mental problem, firstly recognize the problems you need. Before that, identify the symptoms of the problem. It is said, “When you feel hurt, your body also cry.” When any unstable situation arises, its physical symptoms are manifested. These nine physical symptoms will reveal your mental illness.


Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, which are intensely reducing the mental problems of those who have a tendency to have obesity or tend to be overweight. Bipolar disorder disrupts the feeling of happiness and sadness of the people; And due to the lack of coordination between thoughts, feelings, and usage in Schizzephrania, people are forced to live in the state of imagination, from misconception, unwanted use and reality. Skidzophrenia patients are 3.5% higher than normal people, and people with Bipolar disorder are at risk of 1.5% more obesity. Are you suddenly unexpected weight gain manifested in your inner turmoil?

** Losing Weight

Suddenly being mentally challenged can be a sign of emotional problems, and losing weight may be one of the most physical signs. Usually, people who are worried about depression and depression are more likely to lose weight. Naturally, anxiety and sadness decrease the taste of food and disrupt food poisoning. So the affected people lose weight quickly.

** Vomiting

The way anxiety and sadness brings disorder to food, the same way, obstruction of digestion causes vomiting. It is almost normal for nausea during severe aches. In a survey in Norway, 62,000 mentally unstable people have been tested, 48% of them said to be vomiting. So, when the body is rebellious, then he deserves more attention.

** Migraine

Migraine and psychological problems are very closely related. In many cases mental problems are reflected through the migraines if it is acute. There are some enzymes in our body that are harmful chemical signals preventing brain reach. Many times the activities of these enzymes interrupted while the mind was disturbed and the brain became unprotected. Once there is a strong sympathy signal, there may be a headache with severe pain on the head. 83% of migraine sufferers are responsible for depression and anxiety.

** Sinus

According to Psychology Today, there is a connection between anxiety and depression in chronic sinus problems. It is said, one-fourth of the people suffering from sinusa for a long time are suffering from depression. Signusitis is undoubtedly a very bad problem. The affected person always thinks that there is something stuck in the face area or some pressure. Mental problems become a physical problem and one of the examples of cyanosis is the problem.

**Long-Term Pain

Body pain and mind pain associated with each other. There are complementary relationships between these two. In many cases physical pain can take place in depression, but in the same way sadness increases physical pain. Harvard Medical School says, “The pain and suffering of the body often requires the same treatment of the mind.” They also say, those who have long-term physical pain are at risk of 3 times the risk of various mental problems. Those who suffer from depression, their chances of starting long-term pain are 3 times higher than normal. So taking care of the body by neglecting the mind is not only difficult, but it is impossible.

** Skin Problem

Distressed mind, unstable mind, anxiety, excessive thinking and sadness can lead to various skin problems. At the moment of mental instability or pressure, stress hormone cortisol emits, which increases the amount of oil emissions on the skin. As a result, different types of acne, eczema, rash, sariasis, allergenic reactions, itching cause many different problems. Therefore, it is advisable to seek expert advice without neglecting the sophisticated skin problems.

** Cavity

It can be said rather than symptom, rather than side-reaction. It is strange but with the addition of dental cavities or holes, there is a sense of sadness and anxiety. According to the American Academy of General Dentistry, mental problems such as depression may cause dry mouth, dental cavity and gum problems. Those who take anti-depressants, doctors say they give more importance to the excessive cleanliness and care of the mouth.

**Adrenaline Rush

Those people who have suffered from anxiety and anxiety over and over again, they must know that even though they are psychologically difficult, the problem is mainly on the body. During excess nervousness, the nervous system sends signals for adrenaline emission. Through this the body becomes ready to fight or to deal with the dangers. But the rate of heartbeat increases as adrenaline side-effects; breathing-administration becomes faster and smaller, chest pain, dizziness and muscle tension.


Instead of neglecting these signs of physical symptoms, instead of trying to reconcile with their own mental state, and also need specialist consultation. Your awareness is the key to your healthy life.


Source – roar বাংলা