Danish woman raped in India, 5 people get life imprisonment

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Five convicts have been sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the gang-rape of a Danish woman in the Indian capital Delhi. Delhi High Court’s Justice S Murlidhar and IS Meter Bench said Monday that the statement of the victim and DNA report is the biggest proof of the worst crimes of the guilty. The High Court has upheld the previous sentence based on the evidence.
The incident is January 14, 2014. The woman who came to India on the tour. For almost a week, India has reached the other end of the country, in Delhi. He alleged that some youths were trapped on the road during the day of the incident, The youth alleged raping her.
Police arrested five people for interrogation in connection with the complaint. They confessed their mistake. After that on June 10, 2016, the lower court sentenced five people to rape and sentenced to death for life. Challenging the verdict, the High Court appealed the guilty. The High Court dismissed the petition. NDTV.
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