Childrens of Facebook Age Are More Likely to Suffer From Loneliness

There was a time when there was friendship with the people of the neighborhood. If you were studying, you could find friends of very large educational institutions.

But for today’s children, this friendship and friendship limit exceeded. There are thousands of friends of different age groups and different occupations, due to social media. So a long time in the day they are closing their faces in social media on Facebook.

Yet it is said that children of the 21st century suffer the most lonely. A recent study has come out of such information. This study was done by US Health Organization ‘Sigina’.

They are doing research in about 20,000 Americans aged 18 and over. They researched these people in different groups. The youngest group was among the 18 to 22 years old. These young people suffer more than adults, even more than those over the age of 72.

46 percent of these US citizens sometimes feel lonely or lonely. One in four thinks that none of them understands.

It is said in the research that the main reason for this loneliness is not physical or face-to-face contact. Only 12 percent of the participants maintain interaction with others every day. And there are about half of people who never directly connect with people.

It is shown in the results that these people suffer much more loneliness than the 12 percent of people living near it.

Sigena’s president and chief executive David Kardani said, “We must change this trend. When we consider body and mind as one, then a good result will be available. Millions of people around the world are now using social media, another community has created. They are the most involved than anytime. But now loneliness has spread in the form of epidemic. ‘

According to the UK’s national statistics, 2.4 million people in the country are suffering from chronic loneliness. For this reason, people can cause inflammation, including fatigue-causing hormones. Due to which, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetic memory loss may be reduced.

Such social loneliness has been so severely involved that England has recently appointed Tracy Crouch as a minister for loneliness.

Another UK-based study said that one-day loneliness is so horrible that it is harmful to 15 cigarettes.