Is fasting good for health?

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Fasting is good for the body because it helps us to focus on what we eat and when to eat. But fasting for one month is probably good.

Ramadan can be used for fasting continuously after the month of continuous fasting. Such as 5: 2 diet (eaten for two days after eating five days and eating properly). Where to go for fasting for a few days can be eaten healthily.

During sunrise sunsets at sunrise drinkers. What impact does this have on the body? Do you know what happens to your body when you fast?

Over the past few years, the countries of the northern hemisphere have been fasting in the summer. As a result, Muslims of these countries have to keep on fasting for long periods of time.

Like, let’s say Norway. This year there will be fasting for Muslims for about 20 hours this year.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Until it is eaten for the last time, it does not affect the fasting or fasting of the body until it is spent eight hours.

It takes at least eight hours to eat the food we eat, to absorb it completely in the stomach and absorb its nutrients.

When this diet is fully digested, our body is stored in the liver and muscles that glucose, trying to take energy from it.

When the body starts to spend this fat, it helps us to lose weight. It reduces cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Physical weakness

Since blood sugar or sugar levels decrease, maybe a little weak and zestful may come. Other people may have headaches, headache, nausea, or bad breath.

Improve performance in the body

Fasting is good for health, because it enhances the performance of the body. At this time, most of the time hunger in the body.


After the first few days, when your body is getting accustomed to fasting, fat is melting into the body and it turns into blood sugar. But during the daytime, you can not eat or drink anything in the daytime, so after breaking the fast, you must drink plenty of water to meet its shortage. Otherwise, you may be affected by lethal water-vacuum. Especially in summer, if the body is sweating.

Carbohydrate or carbohydrates

And the food you eat will also have enough healthy food. Such as carbohydrate or carbohydrates and fats. A balanced diet is very important, where all nutrition, protein or protein, salt and water are available.

Prevent infection

Usually, we eat too much calorie foods in our daily lives and as a result, our bodies cannot do many other things, such as the body itself can cure itself.

But as we fast during the fasting, so the body can concentrate on other work. So fasting is quite beneficial for the body. It can help to heal wounds or to prevent infection.

All kinds of food should be kept in the food list

In the second half of Ramadan, your body will be fully adapted to fasting. Your body’s gastric system, liver, kidneys, and the body will now be undergoing a change. From there, all the contaminated objects will get your body clean.

During this time, your body organs will get back their full performance. Your memory and attention will improve and you will find many strengths in the body.

It is not right to be dependent on your body to provide energy. When your body is ‘hungry’ it is using body muscles for energy. And it happens when you are fasting or fasting for a long time or a few weeks. “

Since you do not have to eat only during the daytime of the fasting, so there is a chance to get enough food to satisfy your body and drink fluids or drinks after breaking the fast. It protects our muscles and helps us reduce weight again.

Source: BBC Bangla