Thousands of people on the criminal list of the Uber license

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Talal Chemboat Chelaam’s dirty past is not known. With the help of this name on the internet, it comes out very easily with his past activities. Six years in prison for burning firearms He was also accused of firing a teenage leg, attempting to smuggle rocket launchers in the Middle East, hitting the woman with a rabble, and planning a hired killer.

Three years later, Chambaut came out of prison. Then the RideShare company applied for Uber’s driver. And the company also gave him permission in 2015 without checking his past records. But after three months, one of the passengers has been accused of sexually harassing her at home. Now he is sentenced to 25 years in prison for his involvement.

However, according to Uber’s law, people who have suffered penalties for serious crimes or have committed large-scale driving crimes, are not allowed to do so. But Uber is not the first person who has given permission. CNN has done an investigation on this.

In the investigation, it was found that the drivers of Uber’s selection process were accused of rape of a driver in Kansas City. This person is guilty of attempted murder at one time. In addition, a murderer released in parole in Brazil’s County of Texas has been allowed to allow immigrants who do not have the documents in the city of San Luis Avaspo, California. However, the trial of the three passengers is being beaten against him and the attack on one. But none of them are now Uber’s driver.

CNN has verified the records and documents of state agencies, and the permission of the Ryder Company Company, Uber and Elevator, is to allow thousands of people who have recorded records as criminals.

This organization has told CNN that the process of scrutiny of applicants is very strong and transparent. But they recognized their past mistakes in the process of verification. They said last year more than 200,000 applications were canceled through the scrutiny process.

Although the two organizations say that they scrutinize papers and scrutinize. But in this verifying process, they tried to monitor the government’s other steps, which prevented them. CNN’s views have been successful in closing fingerprints or government monitors in the scrutiny process by lobbying rideshare organizations led by Uber. As a result, according to the laws made in different states, the rideshare companies themselves do this verification. CNN has observed, in 43 states, the applicant’s fingerprint is not required according to the law. Reflections of Uber’s recommended policy were observed in 31 states and in some cases it has been characterized in alphabetical order.