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Gomutra is more expensive than milk in India

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Gumutras are being sold in Rajasthan as well as milk. Livelihoods are open for the livelihood of the Gomutta due to huge demand in the market. Gomutra’s demand is so high that it is selling at higher prices than milk. ‘Hybrid cow urine’ is being sold in the wholesale market at Tk 15-30 per liter. Where the milk price of cow milk is less than 22-25 taka. News this time.

It is said that after the sale of Kailesh Gujjar Gumutra of Jaipur, his income has increased greatly. Along with milk, his earnings in Gomutra have increased by 30%, he said.

It is to be noted that organic farmers used Gomutra as insecticides. There are also many people who have been bought due to medicines and religious beliefs. Kailesh said that he was awake all night to collect the Gomutra so that the Gomutta did not fall on the ground.

In his words, ‘cow is our mother. So it is not a matter of the night to wake up. ‘

Another milk-seller Om Prakash Mishra said, ‘I bought one liter of wheat from 30 to 50 rupees. The demand for Gomutra is terrible. ‘

Maharana Pratap, a government-run agricultural and technology university run by Udaypur, uses 300-500 liters of Gumutra for organic farming projects every month. They collect 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per month. this time.