Ayub Bachchu’s new song on the TV channel

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Legendary singer Ayub Bachchu of the band’s music band of the country. Many popular songs have been created by putting the melody on the back. The whole country has won the song. Again on the stage, he satisfied the audience with his guitar.

This popular musician of the country has taken a new initiative. From now on, he will release his new song in the country’s television channels. If anyone wants to listen to the song after the release of the music on the television screen, then listen to the link published on that TV channel.

In this regard, Ayub Bachchu said, “Cassette-CD’s days are ending now. But piracy remains like cancer. So what will stop making music? Sure not Why the audience will be deprived. Later on, I could see new songs on the radio or TV. I do not want to go on the radio, so on TV, I will publish my new song. From now on, no TV channel will listen to listeners and see my new song.

This year’s Eid will be released by Ayub Bacchu’s new song ‘I am alone’. Melody style song and tune The audience will see the audience on the citizen TV. The song is about to be preached on the morning of Eid.