Increasing trend of divorce, A divorce in 1 hours in Dhaka

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If awareness is not increased now, then married men and women are separated or divorced.
The children are being damaged in this.

The divorce application is increasing in Dhaka city. Application for a divorce at an average of one hour per hour. Figures analyzing data for the past six years have been found. The divorce application was the highest in the North City Corporation area – about 75 percent. South City has risen 16 percent. Compromise in two cities is less than 5 percent.

In the last six years, more than half-year higher divorce application has been filed in North and South City Corporation of Dhaka. This is an average of 736 months, more than 24 days and a divorce is being applied for hours.

The biggest reason for divorce is not to become unnecessary in husband and wife. Among the reasons for her husband’s application include the husband’s suspicious attitude, relationship with a progenitor, dowry, going back out of the country, drug addiction, addiction on Facebook, irrelevance, personality conflicts, and various reasons including morality. Husband is not divorcing her husband, disobeying Islamic rule, indecision, indifference to the family, not being a child, and husband for the divorce for several reasons.

The trend of divorce is growing as a whole country. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the trend of divorce has increased by 34 percent in the last seven years. There is more divorce between educated husbands and wives. This was found in the results of The Situation of Vital Statistics of BBS published in June. It found that, in the last year, there was an average of 1 decimal 4 divorces per 1,000 men and women per year. In 2016, which was 1 decimal 5. At present, the Barisal division is the most divorced (2.7). And the lowest Chittagong and Sylhet division (decimal 6).

BBS’s survey project director AKM Ashraful Haque said in the first light that divorce should be viewed positively without looking at the issue. If there is no increase in awareness among married men and women, they will be separated or divorced. However, children are being affected due to divorce. About three years ago, a woman who had been tortured, divorced her husband. The woman, who lives in the capital, told the first light on the condition of not disclosing that her husband had lots of money, but she did not provide any support to her wife and children. Used to be intoxicated. Murder case accused Tortured physically. She wants to divorce her husband several times, but she stops after threatening to kill her parents, brothers with the gang. If the situation worsened, she ran away from her husband with two children. Then divorce her husband.

At present, women are tuitions in the capital. He said, despite the divorce, he is getting various threats. The former husband filed a lawsuit against him.

Two city corporation information say these divorce petition is increasing on behalf of the wife. Nearly 70 percent of the divorce petition in north and south came from his wife. In other circumstances, the educated and wealthy women of Uttara City Corporation’s Gulshan and Banani elite families apply for more divorce due to their husband’s unmarried relations, social relations, and other reasons. Again, in the south of the city, Mohammadpur, Karwan Bazar area occupational women give more divorce.

In the capital’s Dhanmondi, a woman doctor divorced her physician husband, after one year of marriage. After the marriage, after knowing about the physical disabilities of her husband, at first she concealed it from everyone. But along with this problem, different tortures continued, including not allowing the wife to be given higher education, forced to do all the work in the house. Later, the husband gave divorce to the husband by the initiative of her parents.

The officials of the two city corporations say that if the girl was divorced earlier, the family would not have got shelter. Now the awareness raises the family to save the girl from torture is coming forward.

Regional Executive Officer of Region 5 of North City Corporation, Deputy Secretary Azizur Rahman told the first light, there is no research on divorce in that way. However, before the application for divorce, the two parties decided to act fairly. As a result, the number of couples who come to compromise is very low.

In November 2011, Dhaka City Corporation was divided into North and South City Corporations. At present, two courts have filed divorce petition before the Mayor’s office. Then the divorce application from where the wife is living in any area, according to the office of the region. City Corporation has no other responsibility if divorce is not compromised between the two parties. According to the Muslim Family Law of 1961, if the divorce petition was not filed in the 90 days of the date of divorce petition, the divorce was in force if the party did not apply for compromise or divorce.

Asked about the former adviser to the caretaker government and Executive Director of Mass Assassination Campaign Rasheda K. Chowdhury said in the first light, the global trend is that women do not easily decide on divorce. There is a need to research on why women are increasingly applying for divorce on behalf of women in Bangladesh. In many cases, marriage is being given at the young age without opinion. Again, with the older people, parents are giving their daughters marriage. At such a stage, such marriages do not last.

Currently, many women are working outside. But there is no change in the patriarchal environment. Apart from the outside work, women have to deal with all the responsibilities. At the same time, women are shaking in the role of dual role. And if women are economically self-sufficient, it is easy to make a divorce decision. Rashida K. Chowdhury said that the number of divorces increases due to the negative impact of the family, especially the children, is that, in case of divorce between parents, the children grow up in unrest, whose impact is to live forever in life.