First traveler Japanese billionaire for the moon trip

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The name of the first passenger for the moon trip has been announced by SpaceX. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is the first passenger of the Big Falcon Rocket.

In a tweet from SpaceX on Monday, it is said, “The first private passenger to travel around the Moon in BFR is fashion inventor and globally known art curator Yasaku Maijawa – news to IANS.” 42 year old Maijaawa founder and chief executive of Japan’s biggest fashion retailer, Jozo.

Along with business, Maizawah, known as artwork collector and curator. There is plenty of artwork in his own ‘Contemporary Art Foundation’ in Tokyo. Among them are paintings of artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warl, Alexander Kolder and Jean-Michel Baskia.

In his Twitter and Instagram account, Yusaku Maezawa said that there are plans to take some selected artists on the moon while they are traveling. He said, ‘I want to go along with artists to the moon.’ Then, what will they see? And what they will create. ‘

According to Forbes magazine, Japan’s 18th richest man Maijaawa The amount of his assets is said to be worth $ 2.9 billion. An astronaut and a passenger will be transported to the organization’s new Big Falcon Rocket (BFR).

The rocket, which is still being built, will fly 2,38,855 miles on the moon along with passengers. SpaceX has leased land to Los Angeles in the United States to build a new BFR rocket.

The company has plans to launch the rocket from here in 2019. The rocket is designed with 100 percent recycling. -IT desk