50 million accounts of Facebook hacked, Bangladesh also affected: CRAF

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About fifty million accounts of Facebook have been hacked, said the company’s authority. Facebook has claimed that these accounts have been hacked by the profile’s ‘View As’ feature.

Crime Research and Analysis Foundation (CRAF) has claimed that there are many accounts of Bangladesh’s five crore accounts.

Besides, many people from Bangladesh also reported on Facebook their status was being repeatedly logged out.

Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said that the investigation began in the first phase of the account hack.

Before that, the social site has acknowledged that the subscriber’s phone number has been used to deliver specific advertisements to a specific person.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We want to provide services to our personal preferences. Advertising is also a big part.

Meanwhile, some researchers from two American universities claimed that no identity or personal information of the customer is private. Everything has become unbearable.

Crime Research and Analysis Foundation (CRAF) general secretary Minhar Mohsin told Jugantna that for some days we were getting an unusual account hacking information.

Many celebrities had the Blue Badge Verified ID.

He said that we can see later that Trusted Contact Brakes are many. We recommend Victims to let anyone in the trusted contact with someone without giving a family to the hacker so that they can not understand social engineering.

Minhar Mohsin says, it is very normal that I will keep some of my family as trusted contacts. IDs are vulnerable if the IDs are defaced by hackers.

After adopting this approach, he said no ID and no hack was found.