Huawei Mate Twenty Pro Smartphone is coming to Bangladesh

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This year the world’s stirring flagship smartphone Huawei Met Pro is coming to Bangladesh. The fastest 7-nanometer (NM) chipset of the modern technology, Kirin 980 processor, will reach the customers this month.

This phone made from the world’s fastest laptop-level processor, with the help of information and technicians, believes the user will experience using notebooks. Earlier, there were widespread response after four phones in the MET series came to the UK and China market.

Guizma China, the technical blog site of China Phone, Tablet, Gadgets and Reviews, said recently, Huawei has just sold a 100-million-dollar handset in just 8 seconds of the MET series and records it. In the top ten, Antoine Benzmarch also has Mate Twenty Pro in the first row.

Some of the world’s top tech sites have been found, the latest version of the Android 9 operating system, including the Kirin 980 processor, has an artificial intelligence flagship.

There are three sophisticated Wide Angle LICA Cameras, which have a 40-megapixel, an 8-megapixel telephoto and another 20-megapixel.

In order to take pictures of all, 16 to 270 mm zoom lenses will be available on the phone. Besides, this phone will be able to take a clear picture even in the distance of only two and a half centimeters. The device’s camera with the advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) technology will not only help to take photos, but also help with various information.

Just like how much calories are there in the food, the phone can tell. It can be presented as a three-dimensional 3D picture. There are also 3D gaming facilities.

According to sources, the phone’s 4,200 ml ampere battery is not available only, can be charged wirelessly. Besides, they will also get the gaming experience. Ram and Ram have four different configurations, with the lowest RAM of 6 GB and ROM 512 GB.

On October 16, the lowest monthly price for 799 euros in the open market in the European market and the highest price for the most expensive porsche design, Meite Twenty 2095 Euro Soon, the price of the Moto Tiny Prore Smartphone can be known in Bangladesh market.