ZTE and Huawei products

Japan is going to ban ZTE and Huawei products

The Japanese government is going to ban Huawei’s large mobile company and the use of ZTE-made telecommunications products. They are taking this step due to cybersecurity concerns. It was reported on different news media on Friday. News AFP

The widely publicized Yomiuri Shimbun said that the government is going to amend the internal law as soon as possible to prevent the use of Huawei and ZTE products.

According to a government source unwilling to disclose the name, the Yomiuri newspaper said that Japan is going to take such steps after US request to avoid the use of these two companies due to the existence of such virus that is used in cyber attacks.

It has also been said that the decision to not use domestic products made with these two companies was not used for official purposes.

Yomiuri further said that the government does not want to directly name the names of the two company’s products. The Japanese government has taken such a strategy to not get angry with China.

Asked about the report, the government’s top spokesman Yoshihid Suga declined to comment on the matter.

He also said that Japan is closely cooperating with the United States on cyber security issues.

Note that this report was published after Huawei’s top executive officer was arrested in Canada.