Plane-drone conflict in Quebec City of Canada

A drone collided with a plane landing in Canada’s Quebec City. This week’s disaster is the first clash in the country with any commercial flight of any flyer; the country’s communications minister Mark Garney also released the information on Sunday.

There were no casualties in this. On Thursday, the accident happened in a plane of Quebec-based Skyguay Aviation in Las Vegas International Airport, according to Reuters reports.

In a statement, Gurney said, “I got a lot of extinction when I could land safely because of the small loss of the plane.”

During the crash, there were six passengers and two crew members on the plane, local news reports said.

Do not allow drones to fly between five and a half kilometers of Canadian Airport, Helipad and Syplan Bases. The drone operators who risked the plane will face fine and imprisonment according to the laws of the country.

According to Transport Canada, there have been complaints of 1,596 related drone strikes this year so far. Of these 131 cases, the aviation sector has raised security concerns.


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