In four years the taxpayer has more than tripled

In the past few years, there has been a lot of awareness among people about income tax in the country. As a result, taxpayers have also increased significantly. NBR officials said in a program organized on the occasion of the Income Tax Day in Segunbagicha on Friday, the number of taxpayers in the country (tax identification number or TIN holder) was 1.2 million in the year. And now it has increased to 38 million. That is, the number has increased by more than three times in four years.

NBR member Kalipad Haldar said, the taxpayer this year got 38 lakhs. In 2014, there were 12 lakhs. Real tax revenues increased fivefold in 10 years Upgrading our target taxpayer to 1C Taxpayers have negative feelings about giving income tax, but in the last few years the income tax fair is held due to taxpayers’ return. He believes that fear has been removed. In the chairmanship of NBR acting chairman Sirajul Islam, the artists of the film, music and dramas spoke at the time.

E-TIN workers do not pay taxes in the country. Basically those who submit the returns are identified as taxpayers. This number is currently 20 million. Of course, even a significant number of people returning zero tax returns, they do not have to pay any taxes. And E-TIN is considered as potential taxpayer.

During this time, acting chairman Sirajul Islam told NBR that if the tax collection is possible to increase ten times more than the present, then we will reach the country of the developed countries. NBR is working to create a friendly environment through various reforms. It was informed at the time that the returns filed in the last two years have increased by 40 percent. The actual taxpayer is now 1.5 million If this number is upgraded to 1C, the country will be more developed. Economy will strengthen if GDP can be contributed to 12 percent of GDP.

NBR is celebrating 30 November every year to increase the awareness of income tax. This day’s slogan ‘Development and Passage, Income Tax Acquisition’ And the theme ‘Social justice and continuous development through income tax growth’.

In the past, there is a huge rally every year on the occasion of the Income Tax Day, but the rally did not take place due to the ban of the Election Commission. The NBR was limited in discussion and cultural programs in the premises of the building.

Movie star Gulshan Ara Akhter Champa said, “Taxation has now become our habit. Every person of the country, who will pay taxes, will have to pay their taxes. The filmmaker Riaz said, tax is a matter of practice, so everyone will have to develop this habit. At this time NBR member Zia Uddin Mahmud and other senior officials were present

Meanwhile, taxpayers will be able to return without paying the penalty on the day of opening of the next office, due on the last day of tax payment without the fine on income tax on normal day. However, yesterday and today the income tax return is being held from 10am to 5pm on Saturday.