JSC-JDC, GPA-5 pass

Students are festivaling with good results in the whole country

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Results of JSC, JDC, PEC and Ibtedayi closing results were published together on Monday. More than half a family is now excited. In the campaign of the national election, there is a happy flood in school at school. Students are festivaling with good results. Pass rates have increased in both the exams since last time.

In the eighth grade, Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination 85.28 percent and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examination 89 percent decimal 4 percent students passed. JSC and JDC together passed the pass rate of 85.83 percent. The rate was 83.65 percent last year. Pass rate increased by 2.18 percent. This year, GPA-5 received JSC-ZDC 68 thousand 95 people. That was last year’s 91, 628 people. This year, 95 thousand 731 people have fallen in GPA-5.

On the other hand, the pass percentage of the primary education (PEC) stood at 97.50 percent. And in Ibtedayi, this rate is 97.66 percent. The pass rate of the two exams is 97.60 percent. The rate was 94.06 percent last year. Pass rates increased by more than 3 percent. In addition, the GPA 5 in primary and Ibtedayi closing increased more than last time.

JSC-JDC, GPA-5 pass rate decreased

In the JSC-JDC exam, the total number of 25 lakhs 99 thousand 169 people passed with 22 million 30 thousand 829.

Meanwhile, 22 lakh 16 thousand 961 people participated in the JSC, passed 18 million 90 thousand 518 people. 3,02,208 examinees have passed in ZDC with 3 lakh 40 thousand 311 people.

This year, GPA-5 received JSC-ZDC 68 thousand 95 people. That was last year’s 91, 628 people. This year, 95 thousand 731 people have fallen in GPA-5.

The number of GPA-5 is the lowest in five years. In the last five years, the GPA-5 power number has dropped below one lakh mark. In 2014, GPA-5 received 1,56,535 students.

Dhaka Board: 83.91 percent pass rate, 22 thousand 334 people got GPA-5. Rajshahi Board: Pass rate was 94.77 percent, GPA-5 received 14 thousand 638. Comilla Board: Pass rate was 86.99 percent, GPA-5 received 3,742 students. Jessore Board: Pass rate was 84 percent 61 percent, GPA-5 received 7,256. Chittagong Board: Pass rate was 81 percent 52 percent, GPA-5 received 5,311 people. Barisal board: 97.30 percent pass rate, GPA-5 received 4906 Sylhet board: 79 percent, 82 percent GPA-5, 1,698 people got GPA-5. Dinajpur Board: Pass rate was 81.33 percent, GPA-5 received 6,303. Madrasa Board: Pass rate was 89.44 percent, GPA-5 got 1,987 people.

Primary and Ibtaidayi Education Completion

A total of 26.52 lakh 896 examinees participated in this year’s primary education closing examination. In this, 25 lakh 88 thousand 904 passed. The pass rate is 97.50 percent. Out of the total 11 lakh 81 thousand 19 students and 14 lakh 7 thousand 885 students. Last year, the passing rate of primary education was 95.48 percent.

Now 3 lakh 68 thousand 193 people have got GPA 5. Of these, 1 lakh 61 thousand 411 students and 2 lakh 6 thousand 782 students. Last year, GPA-5 received 2 lakh 62 thousand 609 people.

Considering the pass rate, Dhaka division is at the top of 7 divisions in the primary education concluding examination. The pass rate of this division is 98.25 percent. Joypurhat district is the first among 64 districts, the pass rate of this district is 99.97 percent. In the Upazila of 510 Upazila / Thana, 100 percent passed in 100 upazila.

In English, 11,850 students participated in the examination, of which 11,804 passed the examinations. The pass rate is 99.60 percent. Students of 6 thousand 624 students and 5 thousand 179 students.