Dravid's record breakthrough in front of Virat Kohli

Sachin and Dravid’s record breakthrough in front of Virat Kohli

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Virat Kohli, who scored 25th Test century in Perth’s second Test, did not get a big score in Adelaide in the first Test in Australia. Another record in the third Test in Melbourne is in front of the Indian captain. If Rahul Dravid runs 82, Kohli will be topped by Rahul Dravid.

In a calendar year, Rahul Dravid holds the record for the highest number of runs in Indian cricket abroad. Dravid has scored 1137 runs in the overseas ground in 2002. In 1983 Mahindra Amarnath scored 1065 runs After 19 years, Dravid went on to top the run.

After 16 years, Dravid has scored the runs in front of Kohli. Kohli has scored 1056 runs this year so far. Dravid will be the top scorer with two innings in Melbourne and 82 runs, if he can score.

Virat Kohli has touched Sachin Tendulkar in Perth. Both Kohli and Sachin have made six Test centuries in Australia. If he can make a century in Melbourne, then Kohli will be overtaking Sachin on the Australian soil.