After a sharp decline in the number of students with the highest grade point average of 5, officials say the grade-8 students, who have secured the maximum GPA, are “really meritorious”.

JSC-JDC Pass Rate 85.83%, GPA 5.0 Rate Drops Sharply; PSC Pass Rate 97.59%, Ebtedayee Pass Rate 97.69%

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After a sharp decline in the number of students with the highest grade point average of 5, officials say the grade-8 students, who have secured the maximum GPA, are “really meritorious”.

The officials are considering the fact that the students had to secure the maximum grade point without the marks in any optional subject this year.

The number of schools under the general education boards with both 100 percent and zero percent pass rate in Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination has decreased than the previous year.

A total of 3,042 educational institutions achieved a 100 percent pass rate this year, which was 3,559 last year.

On the other hand, the number of institutions with zero pass rate has also deceased than that of the previous year.

In Junior School Certificate or JSC and Junior Dakhil Certificate or JDC exams for eighth graders, the average pass rate is 85.83 percent – a 2.18-point rise from last year, according to the results published on Monday.

The number of GPA-5 achievers, however, has shrunk to one-third in a year –68,095. It was 191,628 last year.

Previously the marks in the “fourth subject”, which was optional, were taken into account while calculating the overall results, but this year it was not done in accordance with the updates to evaluation methods, leading to the decline in GPA 5.0 recipients, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said.

“The number of GPA-5 achievers would have increased had we included the fourth subject marks,” he added.

The authorities have also cut three papers and 200 marks off the grade-8 exams to ease the load on the students.

“It may appear for now that the number of GPA-5 scoring students has dropped, but it actually hasn’t because we are improving the evaluation method to global standards,” Nahid said.

Inter-education board coordination subcommittee chief Prof Md Ziaul Haque is also happy with the results.

“The path to find out the really meritorious students has opened. Those who have missed GPA 5 will now realize what they need to do better,” he said.

Sylhet education board Chairman Prof Md Abdul Quddus and Dinajpur board Chairman Md Abu Bakr Siddique agreed.

“It has been quality evaluation this year. The students who have secured GPA 5 are the actually meritorious ones,” Quddus said.

He also said the drop in pass rate in his board from 89 percent to 79 percent was caused by “harder” mathematics question paper than those of the other boards. The pass rate in this paper has dropped to 85 percent from last year’s 96 percent.

This year, in 20 schools, the pass rate is zero. But last year 34 schools had zero pass rate in JSC examination.

The results of this year’s JSC and JDC examinations were handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Gonobhaban yesterday morning.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has also announced that 97.59 percent of examinees have passed this year’s Primary School Certificate (PSC) exams, while 97.69 percent have passed their Ebtedayee exams.

A total of 368,193 students have received a GPA 5.0 in the PSC exams, while 12,264 received the GPA 5.0 in the Ebtedayee exams.

The PSC pass rate last year was 95.18 percent, while the Ebtedayee pass rate was 92.94 percent. A total of 262,609 PSC examinees received the GPA 5.0 that year, while 5,023 Ebtedayee examinees got the GPA 5.0.

Both the pass rate and the number of GPA 5.0 examinees have risen this year.

The PSC and Ebtedayee examinations were taken by 3,095,123 students from Nov 18 to Nov 26 this year.

# Girls have outperformed boys in all indicators in the two biggest public examinations this year which saw the success rates in both the tests rise after a significant fall last year.

The indicators — participation rate, success rate, and grades achieved — showed that girls were well ahead of their counterparts, according to the results of Primary Education Completion Examination (PECE) and Junior School Certificate (JSC) Examinations, which were published yesterday.

A total of 14,41,296 girls and 12,11,600 boys sat for the PECE examination this year. The pass rates for girls and boys are 97.68 and 97.48 percent respectively.

Of them, as many as 2,06,782 girls obtained GPA-5 while 1,61,411 boys got the distinction.

It was a similar picture in the JSC examination.

Some 11,93,568 girls and 10,23,393 boys took the test and the success rates were 85.83 and 84.63 percent respectively.

As many as 38,876 girls achieved GPA-5 against 27,232 boys.

Contacted, noted educationist Rasheda K Choudhury told The Daily Star that performance of the girls at this level was expected. However, she pointed out that their numbers would decrease as they got promoted to higher classes, as dropout rate for girls rose in higher classes.