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Many complaints about Ride-sharing companies

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Even though CNG auto-rickshaw drivers are showing arbitrary, unpredictable, inconsistent behavior with the busy Dhaka residents. Even after a few days, the services of Ride-sharing companies are also being criticized and the general people are suffering. Occasionally there are serious criminal cases of sexual harassment.


Regularly going to the contract without leaving the app at the busy time, the drivers are reluctant to go to the destination, to take the passengers without the request, to follow the rules and to drive faster for more trips.

Due to popularity in Raid Sharing Services Dhaka, the government has made a policy regarding this. The policy has been asked to take action according to the prevailing law including the closure of the organized activities for breach of conditions. But if there is a violation of these conditions in this service, no accountability is being faced by anyone.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, BRTA’s responsibility to look after the matter; But companies operating in Bangladesh are still not listed as they are not listed and they can not take action against them.

BRTA director Nurul Islam told, “Ride-sharing companies are bound to accept the policy. But they are not being registered yet, no arrangements can be taken against them.”

According to Article 3 (b) of the Ride Sharing Policy, there is no obligation to carry passengers at any distance, but many drivers do not believe that many drivers.

Regarding the Uday Raid, Badda residence, Shahidul Alam told about half of the drivers wanted to know the destination when sending a request to the mobile app.

“The question is ‘where will go’ by accepting the request. I have read the raid sharing policy, it is against policy. Besides, most Uber drivers do not know how to follow the pickup point properly and follow the map. And do not follow the scheduled route and go to another route, because of which rent becomes more – that’s not right. ”

Software engineer Rashedul Alam said that the raid sharing service is very easy to operate and has many problems. The resident of the capital’s Mohammadpur said that he often had problems with regular rides.

“One wants to know about the destination and the destination of the ride. It does not go unnoticed, cancellation. Again, without leaving the rides, they went away. The complaints are not received by the companies.”

It is believed that the drivers should be punished if they ask for the destination and cancel it after accepting the request. Gulshan A Garment Export Company’s Officer Asha Pala said.

He told that he often had to face such a kind of experience.

“I have taken 60 rides in the last three months. But most drivers ask destination. They are preferred, otherwise, they can be removed. Many people do not come again to talk about it. A driver should automatically cancel his ID three times in a row.

Policy 3 (a) of the section to comply with traffic rules, but in many cases, it does not accept the pullers. Many people complained about the speedy recklessness of the traffic laws.

The accident was due to reckless driving Motorcycle Ride Pathao shared Shewrapara resident of Mirpur, a young woman who wanted to take the service to reduce the time shared on the busy street.

Describing the experience in despair, he told bdnews24.com, “Many drivers ride a bikini badly. Last month, I was going to the house on the day of the Holidays, riding the bikes. The driver was driving so loudly that he did not see even a few parts of the road broken.
“At last, the bike broke down. I get tremendous pain on the back. The driver was more hurt and could not go to the car.”

On the way from Mohakhali to Baridhadia, the driver of the motorcycle was often abducting motorcycle Jasim Uddin Asked the reason for this, he said, do not go like this all the time.

“If there is a jam in the street, then go to the sidewalk. Otherwise, I am on the streets, “he said.

In the 3 (c) section of the policy, the restriction of courtesy with the passengers has been imposed. But taking money for this service was also found to be unsavory behavior, sexual harassment allegations.

A woman worker from an organization of Mohakhali complained alleging that she had to undergo such a situation after being sent to a motorcycle recently.

He requested bdnews24.com to say that he was coming from Agargaon to Mohakhali’s workplace.

“The driver of the bike was sitting in a very rough position. He was sitting in the front seat, but it was very uncomfortable. ”

Section 8 of the Code of Practices states that there is no road where the car can be kept for the purpose of picking a fixed stand, approved parking space.

But in the capital city of Gulshan, Banani Bazar, Mohakhali, Karwanbazar, Panthapatha are seen to stand on motorcycles. Many people call the passengers.

One day it was found in Kuril Biswarodh, the motorcycle driver was asking for the destination. Asked about the reason for the call of the people, the driver said that Tuhin took the caller at noon when the call was low.
“There are two ways in-app and agreement. There is no call now. I’ve been sitting for a long time. If I get someone, I’ll call it. ”

Another driver named Hamim said, “Bike is more and the trip is less because many people do it.”

“Those who are just going to earn money by motorcycle, they do it. The app’s request is less than office time. Only the caller tried to take the passengers. ”

Asked about the allegations, Raf Shipping Company Owai’s Assistant Manager (Branding and Communication) Shafaayet Reza said that they are very strict in complying with the rules of the drivers.

“If someone behaves like this during the ride, then the app’s SOS button will notify the notification. We can take action immediately. First of all, I can verify the thing by calling a phone call. ”

He said, “We do not have a lot of verifiable riders. That’s why the act of disobeying does not happen very much. But there was a problem in the middle of the promo code. But that does not happen anymore. We do not get the complaint. ”

Send another company claim that the passengers are taken seriously.

If you want to know about the complaint, the company says in the email, “We see these complaints very seriously. Rider accused were temporarily dismissed after getting the evidence. If the same complaint is received again, registration can be canceled permanently.

“We are regularly working on how badly rated drivers can be brought under more intensive monitoring and provide better services to the passengers.”

On the other side, the Ride Sharing Company said, “The safety of the passengers and the drivers is the first to us. That is why we urge Uber partners to comply with the country’s current law and road safety issues. ”


Manali, the managing director of Maliha M. Kadir, was asked several times during the phone call, but he did not. He did not respond to any mobile phone message.

BRTA director Nurul Islam said, “They are bound to accept the policy. Because of the law, he applied for the list of fees under the policy. But we still did not give them registration. As a result, the enforced enforcing of them will bring them under the jails, it can not be done. ”

Under section 6 (1) of the BRTA Ride Sharing Policy, it is said that if any Ride Sharing Institution runs a system, it will be taken according to the prevailing laws of the country, including the operation of the relevant Ride-Sharing Service.

Under section 8 (2) of the Act, according to the prevailing law including canceling the Ride Sharing Enlightenment Certificate, and canceling the Raid sharing operation of the motor, if any of these rules is done by the owner or driver of a riding-sharing motor vehicle, in the absence of any condition of the guidelines or any directive regarding the implementation of this policy. Action will be taken.