the workers left the airport road

After five hours of protest, the workers left the airport road

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The workers have left the road after demonstrations with the implementation of the minimum wage and closed the traffic movement around five hours on Dhaka’s important entrance road.

On Sunday morning, they announced their return to the protest rally on Monday morning before going out of the round complex in front of the Shahjalal International Airport.

Airport Police Assistant Commissioner Mizanur Rahman told that hundreds of workers of different garment units of Uttara area started protesting at 9 am on the streets.

Due to their position on the road from Uttara Ajampur to Jasimuddin, the traffic on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway was stopped.

Meanwhile, the workers of Uttar Khan and Dakhin Khan area of Dhaka came to know about the demonstrations and the workers started to stay on the road. The significant traffic jam was created due to the traffic shutdown on this highway.

A section of the protesters took positions in front of the Airport at the 11th round of the airport. As well as their protest continued in Jasim Uddin, Rajlaxmi, Ajampur, Housebuilding, Abdullahpur area.

One of the activists of Shakhawat Hossain said that he came to the procession after receiving information from his colleagues in the morning.

“I did not know about the movement. Others have told me in the office. The news is coming here. Our demand is to raise our basic rate of eight and half thousand taka to Tk 10, 000.”

Sumaiyya, an employee of the Epyllion Style Limited garment factory in Chalabon area of Dhakin Khan, complained that they were “wrongfully” abused, and they were on the way.

“Our salary was not increased by the increase. The amount of work increased upside. The target is given every hour. If you can not find a target, then you will be abusive. ”

Mohammad Hasibur Rahman, a worker of Cassiopeia Garments, said, “We can not go to urine under pressure of work. If you can not meet the target, it is rubbish, beaten and done. ”

Meanwhile, the passengers of the airport have to suffer due to the shutdown of the road. Many people are seen trying to reach the airport by taking a bag from the ax.

A bus carrying passenger carrying passenger was trapped in the streets at around 9:30 pm from the housebuilding counter.

Bus driver’s assistant Dulal said they could not move even though they could come near the airport by various lanes of Uttara.

“I can not go anymore after this time. Got stuck The nearby passengers went to Nima. Those who go away, they have books. I can not understand whether I can go. ”

Protesting till noon, at around 2 pm, protesters left the circle in front of the airport. They announced that they would get on the road again on Monday morning to claim the demand.

After the workers got up, the police started to say that the movement started with normalization of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at around 2 pm.