Saudi Arabia is sending Rohingya back to Bangladesh

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Saudi authorities have finished preparing to return a large number of Rohingya refugees detained in Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh. They were assembled at different places on Sunday to send them to Bangladesh from the Shamsi prison in Jeddah. The London-based media reported on Middle East-I.

The Rohingyas have already been imprisoned for 5 to 6 years in Shamsi prison.

Midlite-I has released a video on Twitter. In this, a Rohingya in Arakanese can be heard saying, ‘I am in Shamyasi Jail for the last 6 years. Now they are sending me to Bangladesh. ‘

Some people see handcuffs in the video. Some of them said they had protested in jail to stop returning to Bangladesh.

Another Rohingya said, “They came to our cell at midnight. Then, say, fold your bag and get ready to go to Bangladesh.

Rohingya rights activist Nay San Lion told Midlite-I, ‘They will only increase refugees in Bangladesh. In Saudi Arabia, refugees from Bangladesh could help the family living in the camp. Saudi authorities handcuffed handcuffs for Rohingyas even if they were not criminals That’s tragic. ‘

A part of the Rohingyas captured in Shamsi prison, they entered Saudi Arabia after receiving Bangladeshi passports through false information. Many of them also hold the passports of India, Bhutan, Pakistan and Nepal.