The number of rich people is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh

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The number of rich people in Bangladesh is increasing rapidly. In the next five years, the number will be 11.4 percent. This information was given in the latest report by Wealth-X of the United States Resources Research Institute.

According to a report titled ‘World Ultra Wealth Report 2019’, Bangladesh has emerged as the third place in the list of the world’s fastest-growing countries. Wealth-X has calculated this at a rapid pace in 2018 and the speed of up to 2023.

According to the company’s report of 2018, the number of rich people in Bangladesh increased by 17.3 percent in five years from 2012 to 2017. The rate of growth is the highest in the world.

In the new report, the list of 10 countries that will be ranked at the top of the rich growth rate from 018 to 2023. Where is top Nigeria and Egypt is in the next positions. The country will grow at a rich rate of 12 percent.

Bangladesh has the third place in the list. Then there are Vietnam, Poland, China, Kenya, India, Philippines and Ukraine respectively.


Wealth-X List.

Wealth-X, saying very rich, says the owner of the assets of 1 million to 30 million US dollars. That is, those who have between 80 million and 250 million taka are very rich. And those who have more than $ 30 million worth of assets are very rich.

Typically, those excluding personal assets such as primary residence, collections, and consumer goods, which have investment-worth assets worth US $30 million, have been defined as the richest ones.

According to Wealth-X, the number of billionaires in the world has increased to 24 million in 2018. Which increased by 1 decimal 9 percent. And the total assets of all the high assets increased by 1.8 percent to 61.3 trillion US dollars.

10 countries that have the richest people in the world:

The United States is the top of the list. There are 86 lakh 80 thousand super-rich people in the country. Then there is China. Their rich people are 18 lakh 80 thousand And Japan (16.2 million), Germany (10.2 million), United Kingdom (8.93 million), France (8.77 million), Canada (5.5 million), South Korea (4.76 million), Australia (4.73 million) and Italy (4.18 million).