90 million people worldwide have died due to pollution and the highest number deaths in Bangladesh

Science magazine Lancet says that in 2016, 90 million people worldwide have died due to pollution. Almost most of these deaths occurred in low and middle income countries, where in one quarter the cause of death was polluted. Most of the deaths have been reported from Bangladesh. The list is followed by African countries Somalia.

Pollution has the biggest impact on air pollution. Two-thirds of pollution deaths are behind air pollution. The lowest rate of pollution is in Brunei and Sweden. Most of the pollution-related deaths are contagious diseases due to pollution, including heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

Pollution challenges are more than environmental challenges. Pollution has a profound effect on many aspects of public health, says Professor Philip Landrigan, a scientist involved in this research, who works at the IQ School of Medicine in Mount Sinai, New York.

Air pollution, which is the biggest risk, 65 lakh people are losing their lives in the near future. These include pollution from outside such as gas, pollution in the air, particles and smoke and wood burning in charcoal.

Then, which is making the most risks, it is water pollution, which has killed 18 million people. Also, 8 million people have died from workplace pollution worldwide.

Most of these deaths have been found in relatively poor countries. And there has been a huge impact of pollution in the rapidly developing countries in countries such as India that are in the fifth place in the list. China is also ranked 16th in the list.

The survey and polling of 188 countries has been conducted. The researcher said that 55 countries in the UK’s list of developed countries among the developed countries and there are many people being polluted by diesel.

They also said that pollution in the poorer countries is higher in the death rate and the poorest of the wealthy countries are being hit with the most damage. This two-year long study has said that the issues related to poverty, ill health, and social injustice are also involved in pollution.

(References: BBC Bangla)