Google will soon introduce their artificial intelligence new technologies

Google has started to change its way over the years. This organization is now more focused on the internet-based services provider. At the end of the year, almost all of the top technology manufacturers in the world leave their best in the market and in the competition. Google has seen the competition in the past few years. Google is trying its best to keep the technology from the smartphone, laptops, virtual assistants, cameras, v-headphones to headphones. Although Google has not achieved much success in creating hardware products, Google has started strengthening the issue. Technology wants to dominate the world of technology – Google.


A few weeks ago Google opened a number of new technologies including the Pixel 2 smartphone in ‘Made by Google’. The company’s chief executive officer, Mrs. Pichai, said on the occasion that the plan was made about Google’s hardware. Google will soon introduce their artificial intelligence, hardware and software. Google’s new Pixel 2 phone unveiled also gives much evidence. The Google Assistant, a virtual assistant who uses the phone, It is able to retain the market’s top virtual assistants’ Apple and Amazon Alex. Google is largely making their use of artificial technology available to the public through their hardware technology. In recent times, most tech companies are seen to be more interested in artificial intelligence than technology products, such as augmented realization or virtual assistant. And by capitalizing on this interest Google wants to dominate the human life in all spheres of life.


Google’s age is just a few years in the hardware world. But in the meantime, with the ability to create technology, the top companies are also out. Its core is Google’s Internet service. While other virtual assistants go to Google to collect information, Google is using its own database itself. That’s why Google’s technology has been expeditiously running. Although Google’s main source of income is online advertising. But the popularity of the Google Pixel 2 phone is encouraging the organization to be more focused on hardware. With this, Google is planning to bring more and more technologically advanced technologies to market soon, according to technology market analysts. With that, LG, Google is also promising the top smart product makers like Sony or Panasonic to use their artificial intelligence technology. So a new Google can be expected to be seen in the near future.

Sources: Business Insider